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(NaturalNews) Natural News contributor Jonathan Landsman has just publicly published a „lost“ interview with Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez, the holistic cancer treatment doctor who passed away earlier this week.

This video interview, never before released to the public, reveals truly mind-blowing information about the failure of chemotherapy and why holistic approaches to cancer treatment work far better than chemo.

The complete interview is revealed below. To access a massive library of other private interviews with pioneering doctors and healers, join the NaturalHealth365 Inner Circle, featuring an astonishing 300 exclusive interviews with the industry’s greatest pioneers.

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Background info from Jonathan Landsman

Dr. Nicholas Gonzalez was a tireless physician for those left behind by Western medicine. In fact, his success with ‚terminal‘ cancer patients was second to none. Despite all the ridicule and vicious attacks leveled…

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