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Danke Saheike, die aktuellen Meldungen überschlagen sich an Endzeitszenarien, schwer erträglich :-/

Published on Aug 10, 2015

Full Episode here:https://youtu.be/hr9WdciiWdg

Will the Pope announce in September that there is no God and lead everyone into a NWO religion of Luciferianism ? It is shaping up to be just that.

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Neil Keenan joins Pete Santilli for one of the most informative interviews Mr. Keenan has ever done. Mr. Keenan is world renowned for his humanitarian efforts that he hopes someday will benefit humankind and release us all from monetary slavery.

Pete and Deb cover breaking news and offer critical analysis on today’s current events.

About Neil Keenan – Neil Keenan is an international businessman and “world patriot.” In his lifetime of endeavors, Keenan has…

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