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Wer ist der ANTICHRIST? Montag, Sep 14 2015 

According to the written Word of God,

Antichrist will be a man.
Antichrist will be a Roman.
Antichrist will rule from the city of seven hills( Rome).
Antichrist will come from the ancient Roman Empire.
Antichrist will not have desire for women.
He will not be royal by birth.
He will carry an apostate church on his shoulder which is spread throughout the world.
Antichrist is the eighth king but is of the seven.
His predecessor will rule only for a short time, will be an imposer of taxes and he will be replaced cunningly without any confrontation but peaceably.
The antichrist has a healed wound.
The church he is carrying is immensely rich.
Has killed saints in the past but not at present;but he will again do so in the future.
He wears a sheep’s clothing to deceive many.
Speaks blasphemies against God.
He changes times and laws.
Always in friendship with the world leaders.
The church he shoulders rules over the countries of the world; and has influenced and intoxicated the people of the world.
He has a small army.

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