Epic Deception | Flat Earth Documentary Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

The Gravity Misconception – Tesla Was Right Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

For Flat Earth and open minded people ONLY: The Moon Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

Temple of Baal Arch of Triumph London’s Trafalgar Square Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

Prince Died today after Talking About Chemtrails New World Order Illuminati Depopulation? Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

Wurde Prince rituell geopfert, weil er zuviel wusste? Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

Orient News „Amerika diktiert Merkel den Untergang Europas“ Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

Udo Schulze: Die Vertuschung im Fall Natascha Kampusch … Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

How Knowledge Of The Schumann Resonance, The Amygdala Gland And Essential Oils Can Heal Our Bodies And Save The Planet Written By: Dr. Rev. Mary Hardy Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

Originally posted on Rising Frequencies: Hello Everyone, I want to share a article with you that I did not write.  It is written by Dr. Rev. Mary Hardy, whom I have great respect for.  She is a pioneer in the field of Essential Oils, and I learned a great deal about her information.  She is…


Trump Tramples the Palestinians at AIPAC and Pledges to Destroy All of Our Alliances Against the Communists Samstag, Apr 23 2016 

WW~Notes:  Here is another article just a month old that I failed to post missing it altogether. My sincere apologies.  I’m still catching up on reconstructing images on the blog sidebar when ImageShack became a paid for site no longer allowing customers to post images on their blogs for free, which cost me to lose […]


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