Gehackte Dokumente beweisen: So macht George Soros in der Ukraine US-Politik ZUERST! Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

Quelle: Gehackte Dokumente beweisen: So macht George Soros in der Ukraine US-Politik ZUERST!

Flache Erde Karte mit riesigem Baum im Flughafen von Detroit  Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

Audition performed by ALIEN?? – Says Simon Cowell – Britain’s Got Talent 2016 Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

W.Altnickel 36 geheime Ur Logen regieren die Welt- Machtergreifung hinter den Kulissen  Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

Project Blue Beam: The Four Steps To Global Domination – 2016  Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

Project Blue Beam in Action MUST SEE THIS !!!  Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

Der Weltraum, der Raum der Welt (1)  Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

Sechs  überdimensionale Illusionen halten uns in der „MATRIX“ | World Truth.TV Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

“In prison, illusions can offer comfort.” – Nelson Mandela For a magician to fool his audience his deceit must go unseen, and to this end he crafts an illusion to avert attention from reality. While the audience is entranced, the deceptive act is committed, and for the fool, reality then becomes inexplicably built upon on a lie. That is, until the fool wakes up and recognizes the truth in the fact that he has been duped. Maintaining the suspension of disbelief in the illusion, however, is often more comforting than acknowledging the magician’s secrets. We live in a world of illusion. So many of the concerns that occupy the mind and the tasks that fill the calendar arise from planted impulses to become someone or something that we are not. This is no accident. As we are indoctrinated into this authoritarian-corporate-consumer culture that now dominates the human race, we are trained that certain aspects of our society are untouchable truths, and that particular ways of being

Quelle: Six Grand Illusions That Keep Us Enslaved To “The Matrix” | World Truth.TV

Das „Neugierde Vehikel“ der Blauhemden Sekte Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

Adam Steltzner – Der NASA-Elvis Kasper kann keine einzige Frage beantworten Samstag, Aug 20 2016 

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