I am writing this article because I am so fed up with the endless stream of idiots who make YouTube videos and websites that expose Jewish ritual murder on the one hand and with the other, support Christianity, the Bible, the Nazarene and blame all of this on Satan. Some of these authors are actually Jewish and know what they are doing in regards to trying to blame it all on Satan and the Pagan [Gentile] Gods, while others [mostly Christians] have shit for brains.

Most of these idiots who have shit for brains [nearly always a Christian] are either too lazy, not motivated or of course who lack the necessary intelligence to really read the Jewish Torah for what it is, the Old Testament. The entire Torah is chock full of the Jewish God’s instructions on how to properly perform living blood sacrifices, and for the Christian double-digit IQ idiots who try to make excuses in regards to the New Testament and “Jesus,” “Jesus” IS a human blood child sacrifice.

In addition to this profound stupidity [the level of Christian intelligence is so low it is unbelievable], it never seems to occur to these bible-thumping morons that whine about Jewish ritual murder, and quote the Talmud, that the Talmud is in fact a rabbinical commentary on the Torah. And what is the Torah? The Torah is the first five books of the Old Testament of the Bible that these Christians with shit for brains promote. That’s right- THE OLD TESTAMENT. The same old crap that their priests and preachers spout off in their Christian churches every Sunday. Like I already stated the extent of the stupidity is beyond shocking. Also, these buzzard-brained Christians would be at a total loss to show exactly where in their Bible Satan ever even mentioned, let alone demanded, ANY sacrifices at all, let alone a living blood sacrifice! Yet they accuse him of this incessantly, as this creates a distraction. As I keep repeating, every ugly act and attribute that is of the Judeo/Christian “God” is blamed on Satan, yet few can see beyond this. Hardly anyone stops to think.

Another thing I want to add here is how Christians and other related idiots twist everything. One glaring example is I came across was a statement regarding how the names of Pagan Gods such as Baal were used by Jews, such as Hasidim founder Ba’al Shem Tov. This title means “master of the good name” for one. This has to do with occult powers. It has nothing to do with the Pagan God Baal.

“In Hebrew, the word ba’al means „husband“ or „owner,” and is related to a verb meaning to take possession of, for a man, to consummate a marriage. The word „ba’al“ is also used in many Hebrew phrases, denoting both concrete ownership as well as possession of different qualities in one’s personality.” [1]

Quelle: The Torah and Living Blood Sacrifice