Here it is — after over 9 years of research: Notice the „Patterns“ of the fires? These are designed to clear the way for Agenda 21’s expansion of the railroad networks. They already have plans to build the Bullet Train. Notice — all of these major fires follow the PATH of the Bullet Train! Research the Santa Rosa fires more closely and you’ll soon find that they were Directed Energy Weapons fires caused by Lockheed Martin Athena Directed Energy Weapons on the nose of planes. These are NOT just „random forest fires“ as the news wants us to believe. They are purposely contrived path clearing directed energy weapons – designed to make a direct path through the houses and businesses that are blocking the expansion of the Bullet Train. These alleged „random forest fires“ – activate the active denial plan where this can be chalked up to a „Natural Disaster“ – thus funding more economic projects that surround „Disaster Capitalism“. Declaring these so called „forest fires“ a „natural disaster“ removes the need to reimburse the property owners of the real value of their properties. This bypasses eminent domain laws – and allows legislative actions to push the property owners off their property and declare new districts for housing, based on the likelihood that another fire may scorch through these areas. They plan to reallocate districts from huge single home housing to build stack ‚em and pack ‚em housing (condos and apartments)- that comply with the Agenda 21 regulations to move the population closer to mass transit areas -while at the same time, clearing the way to move the population from their dependency on individual property rights of houses, farmland, ranches and cars/trucks — removing all property rights and ownership (Yes – this is the base of Agenda 21 – to move the public back to serfdom).

This literally makes Trump, NOT /ourguy/. He implements Agenda 21.